10-minute marketing tips

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10-minute marketing

The other day I was talking with a client who said: “I just don’t have time for marketing!” I immediately started in on what I knew to be true – 10 minutes a day can make a  big difference. Then I realized I was guilty of ignoring my own advice because I had as much work as I could handle. I took a look at my own social media accounts and … yep … they were starving for real, useful content.

Six (6) effective, 10-minute marketing tasks

We are all busy so I’ll just give you the list and suggest that we strive to do at least one of these things six days a week. These are basic brand marketing ideas, not really intended to drive traffic to your website. That is a different post for a different day.

  1. Connect with new professionals on LinkedIn
    Use Search field to find groups of people you want to connect with and hit the connect button. It helps to add a personal note telling them why you want to connect but you don’t have to – they are busy too. Then choose the My Network tab and review and either accept or ignore any connection requests. Check your messages and respond. For example, if someone accepts your connection request, send them a standard reply (that you can copy and paste) giving them a link to your website or most recent blog post.
  2. Comment, Like and Share on all social accounts
    Login in and scroll for a few minutes on each account. This is the fun part. Comment, like or share whatever you are drawn to. Be sincere. Love what you love and ignore the rest.
  3. Share something you find useful online
    Write a few sentences and share a link to something you read recently that you really got a lot out of. This works great on all social media, except maybe Instagram who still doesn’t allow live links. For example, check out this great site for writers – Word Hippo. I love it.
  4. Retweet something inspiring

    This is easy, when something truly inspires you, just retweet it and simply say thanks for the #inspiration.

  5. Share what you are reading
    Post a picture of whatever you are reading on Instagram or Twitter and use the #AMReading or one of these popular hashtags for book lovers.
  6. Create a Pinterest board for anything you are researching
    Saving something to Pinterest is about as easy and fast as it gets. Just be careful on this one as you may find it so fun that your 10 minutes of marketing turns into an hour before you realize it. Learn more about Pinterest Basics.

The concept of 10-minute marketing is not new. The tips below are ones that I personally find fast, fun and effective. For more ideas, just Google “10 minute marketing.”

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