Five Twitter tips to up your marketing game

5 Twitter Tips

New to Twitter? These basic twitter tips will help your company:

  • Increase visibility
  • Promote loyalty
  • Increase engagement
  1. Keep tweets at about 100 characters (enables people to retweet without editing)
  2. Post during holidays and season events using key hashtags and promoted tweets
  3. Use hashtags but 2 max.
  4. Include links to maximize retweets
  5. React fast to big events with a hashtag

Create a Twitter Strategy

Make a plan.
For example, for one of my clients the plan looks like this:
– Every day – 1 original tweet, 1 retweet, 6 likes
– Every day Tweet “Thanks for following” with the handles of a few of your new followers
– Add “Please Retweet” to 2 tweets per week
– Follow 10 new people each week (follow your followers, follow industry leaders from Buzz Sumo)
– Best times to tweet (get free Tweroid analysis of clients followers): Monday 1 p.m., T-Fri 3:30 p.m., Sat 3 p.m., Sun 4 p.m.

Know your audience
While everyone’s followers are different, in general Twitter users are:
– about equal numbers of males and females
– average about 700 followers
– about 40% Millennials, now ages 22-37 (avid consumers, less disposable income, shopping for the deal, optimistic, self-confident, fun-centric, extreme tech savvy, highest ed level)
– about 30% GenX, now ages 38-53 (cautious spenders, more disposable income, shopping for what lasts, pragmatic, skeptical, self-reliant, work-fun balance, tech literate, 2nd highest ed level)

Plan what type of content you will post
– make a content calendar with key holidays (add some silly, fun ones in the mix just to make people smile)
– promote blog content that solves the users problems
– always use an image or video (check out for affordable, easy, compelling graphics
– user centric questions and surveys

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More than a decade of experience in writing online content has given me the professional expertise needed to provide clients with solid content development. My strong story-telling skills and blogging experience give me an edge in creating search engine optimized content that drives traffic. My focused project management and organizational skills enable me to work with team members to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines.

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