What I love and hate about marketing

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ThisWhy Marketing is Lost morning I stumbled upon an article written by Mark Schaefer that I couldn’t help but share:

Why marketing technology is sucking the life out of the marketing profession

Like most people I have a love, hate relationship with technology but after reading Mark’s article today I am reminded that it is the intention of the professional that makes all the difference.

Things we all hate

Not planning to waste your time by summarizing his article (you should read it) but I did love this quote:

“In my own beloved profession of marketing, the primary application of technology is to find increasingly sophisticated ways to annoy people.”

Can we all just agree to ban the following things that all people hate and focus on what customers actually want. Everyone hates:

  • Pop up ads, messages, chats
  • Videos or sound files that play and you can’t find them to turn them off
  • Creepy retargeting ads
  • Spammy email campaigns
  • Insincere blog comments
  • Snarky, negative tweets

I am sure I have been guilty of falling down the black hole of just doing what works and forgetting about the people on the other side. But this year I plan to trust my instincts and work with clients who are brave enough to break from the pack.

Things I love

On the other side, I love and am inspired by marketing content that includes:

  • Beautiful images that you can zoom in on to see the detail
  • Concise, well-written content
  • Solutions to our customers problems
  • Giving kudos to the competition when they earn it
  • Great research
  • Links that work
  • Sincerity and honesty

OK, a little off topic but I also love buttons (I have a few jars of them around my house), lists, zero inbox, Prosecco and Hallmark movies.

So, thanks for your article┬á@markwschaefer and here’s to a New Year Year of marketing the cool way. ­čÖé

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